Monday, March 31, 2008


Once in a while, I will add photos of my collection..
when I compile them here. My reviews, if any will usually appear at instead.

Eddie's skull or whatever the name given to this boxset.

no 11886 of 25,000

It was so long ago that I got this...At Suntec City I believed.. The younger and carefree days :-)

My Intention

Far from finishing..but at least I have made the layout of how I want it to look like on the right side of the blog.

and I think I have finish compiling the lossy part...the part 2.

My Idea of this blog...

1 . is to compile all my collections of all kinds after checking they are in proper working conditions ( just in case I want to sell them away one day for the official releases or just in case I want to go back to trading live personal fans recordings which is unlikely anyway because like I said before, in life we have priorities, we got to put food on the table, bills & prices on everything is going up, but the salary ( that is if we still have a job, no matter what job as long as its honest, times are tough I know ) remains stagnant or being cut. Still we have to be grateful for what we have right?

2 . I hope to write snippets of one or two bootlegs as I listen and just share what is interesting, share snippets of magazines and whatever...

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